Towage, Salvage, and Offshore

Specialized legal assistance in drafting towing contracts and related disputes. Consultancy for marine salvage operations and offshore activities.

In the maritime towing sector, it is understood the importance of clear and robust contracts that define the rights and obligations of the involved parties. The firm offers detailed consultancy in drafting, negotiating, and interpreting towing contracts, ensuring adequate protection for clients in the event of disputes or contractual issues.

Expertise in maritime salvage extends to advice on matters related to the rights and obligations of vessels and crews involved in rescue operations at sea. With a deep understanding of international laws, the firm helps clients navigate the complex legal implications of maritime emergency situations, providing strategic assistance to maximize their rights and mitigate risks.

In the context of offshore activities, the firm is committed to providing highly specialized legal consultancy for energy exploration and production operations off the coast. From negotiating service contracts and licenses to addressing liability and safety issues, the firm ensures that clients can operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations while protecting their commercial interests.