Construction, Sale, Refitting and Financing of Ships and Pleasure Boats

The complexity of maritime affairs requires an in-depth knowledge of current regulations as well as extensive experience in contractual and financial matters.

In the shipbuilding, the firm assists clients in negotiating and drafting construction contracts, ensuring compliance with current regulations and protecting their interests throughout all phases of the process. Through close collaboration with the various stakeholders involved in shipbuilding, the firm ensures that the parties achieve optimal results that meet their specific needs.

For the purchase and sale of ships and pleasure boats, the firm provides a wide range of services, including legal due diligence, negotiation of sale and purchase agreements, and management of registration and transferability of ownership titles. Working diligently to protect clients’ interests, the firm ensures that each transaction is handled effectively and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Detailed advice on all phases of ship financing, including legal risk and the management of contracts and bureaucratic procedures.

The firm carefully analyzes specific needs, considering factors such as the nature of the required financing, the characteristics of the ship being financed, and related legal and regulatory aspects.

With a personalized and attentive approach, the firm is committed to providing detailed advice on every phase of the ship financing process, including risk assessment and legal implications, negotiation of contractual terms, and management of bureaucratic procedures.