Real Estate

Studio Legale Petragnani Ciancarelli is committed with promptness and expertise to providing highly specialized consultancy in the field of real estate, aiming to offer comprehensive and personalized support in all phases of real estate activities in Italy and internationally.

The firm is distinguished by its ability to conduct transparent and effective negotiations, ensuring the highest legal protection for the parties involved. With a deep understanding of laws and regulations, it can provide strategic advice aimed at minimizing risks and maximizing benefits for the client.

In planning and development cases, the firm positions itself as a reliable partner for the successful execution of real estate projects, seeking to identify innovative and sustainable solutions capable of maximizing the value of real estate investments.

Property management is approached with attention and rigor, utilizing the most appropriate structures and jurisdictions to ensure efficient and compliant management with current laws.

In the field of real estate acquisition and financing, the firm is a reliable partner to assist the client in all phases of the process. Thanks to an extensive network of contacts and its legal expertise, it can identify the best investment opportunities and provide advice on innovative and personalized financing strategies.

Licenses and regulatory issues are handled with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring full compliance with legal provisions.

We assist clients in all real estate-related matters, from relationships with real estate brokerage firms to eviction procedures, and address cadastral issues with the support of notary offices and technical experts in the field.